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Attending school can be a daunting prospect for a refugee child in Hong Kong.  We provide a holistic system of support from primary school all the way through to university. 


Children of asylum seekers and refugees have the right to attend Hong Kong government schools, but are given little financial support so we step in to fill the gaps, and more. 


We help children, and their families, prepare for school through language, communication and social skills development.  We currently support more than 125 school-aged children with basic educational needs such as uniforms, school supplies, stationery and shoes.


But we don’t rest there.  We want our children to excel academically.  We provide homework support and tutorials for secondary students.  


Once students complete secondary school, we also offer support for post-secondary education for our high achieving students.  We work with our partners to offer tuition support, transportation, meals, books, and internet subsidies.

Image: Islamic Dharwood Pau Memorial Primary School

Photo credit:  Malcolm Koo


Bikash has put his experiences of the Hong Kong education system to excellent use, supporting his peers by creating a website for DSE students which provides a one-stop-shop for DSE study resources.  This passion, hard work and community involvement has paid off and Bikash has now been awarded a PolyU scholarship to study Management & Marketing.


We are so proud of our 4.0 GPA student, Nina, who has been a part of our family since 2017 and is currently studying at HKU Space, and is preparing for a move to one of Hong Kong's leading universities to study chemistry. 

Image by Christin Hume
Image by Julia Koblitz
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