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Humanitarian Aid


Our casework team is the beating heart of our community at Centre for Refugees (CFR). We provide the basic care that is critical to supporting refugees who, upon arrival in Hong Kong, may find themselves in a hostile, lonely and intimidating situation. 


The Caseworker acts as a one-stop-channel for refugees and asylum seekers to seek services at CFR, and within the wider Hong Kong community.

Our clients can meet with caseworkers on a regular or ad hoc basis.  In addition to providing one-to-one meetings, we often accompany clients to medical and legal appointments.  We visit clients in their homes to assess their living conditions and provide comprehensive support. 

We offer basic needs support, medical or legal referrals, well-being groups and mental health support.  If required, we support clients with emergency housing and counselling.

We aim to offer a community of support and love to inspire hope, bonding and security for families who have arrived in Hong Kong, or who are awaiting the outcome of the asylum approval process, which may take many years.

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Each month, we invite our clients to pop into the centre to collect donated commodities, such as rice, cooking oil, shampoo and soap.


Clients do not usually receive sufficient baby milk from the government, and are only supplied with cloth diapers, but these are impractical in cramped living conditions, so we fill this gap by offering monthly distributions of milk powder and disposable diapers.



A warm, nutritious meal is not only vital for good health, but forms a crucial part of our family culture at Centre for Refugees.


Every week, our ladies gather together for their cookery class and share recipes and skills for creating their traditional dishes.  These dishes are then shared with clients who come in to eat with their CFR family.  We are currently offering three warm meals a week to our community.


The Food Programme not only provides a hearty meal to our clients, but our LEAD ladies have the opportunity to spend time together, learn new skills and our community can meet up to enjoy sharing food, stories and moral support.

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