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Once asylum seekers receive approved refugee status, they are granted special permission to work.  This is a huge boon to the community, providing independence and dignity, as individuals are able to better provide for themselves and their families.


We launched the fully comprehensive Employability Programme in 2017 in order to assist recognised refugees to get back into the workplace in Hong Kong and beyond, and it is growing from strength to strength.

We currently have around 100 employees registered with our Employability Programme, who are financially independent, living life with purpose, supporting their families, and looking forward to a future with dignity and hope. 

If you would like to learn more about our Employability Programme, please drop an email to



We identify clients who are keen to get back on the working ladder


We embark on suitable soft skills training; eg CV writing, workplace behaviour, interview skills, presentation skills etc.


We skill up our clients with internationally-recognised certifications, according to their talents and interests. 


We are currently working with over 20 employers, such as hotels, restaurants, clubs & gyms, to find the right roles 


Our army of 10+ law firms work tirelessly with our employees, employers and immigration to seek approval of the visa


We will make sure they are dressed for the occasion and will pop along on the first day to ease any initial concerns.


We stay in touch to make sure clients are settled into their roles, and encourage opportunities for promotion


We even provide Happy Hours for our clients so that they too can enjoy a drink after work and share with their peers!

We have so many great stories about our Employability clients, but here are just a few …

Our stars


“As a receptionist in a club I feel I get to meet new people every day and that makes me more aware of the different cultures around me. I really enjoy my work as it gives me recognition, happiness, confidence and dignity. I get time with my family due to my routine and I am happy in my space now.  I work hard to provide a good life for my children as they deserve it.”


Shivani arrived in Hong Kong in 2019 from Bangladesh and earned official refugee status two years later in 2021 as her husband was already recognised in 2017.  She had already joined our computer classes and was confident in the use of technology, so applied for a role at one of the members clubs in Hong Kong as night shift receptionist.  The night time role suits Shivani’s lifestyle as it means she can rest while her children are at school, and still gets to see them before work.  Shivani is extremely committed to improving her skills and future opportunities and we have witnessed her personality and confidence leap from strength to strength.



“My work gives me identity and happiness. It makes me feel that I have my dignity back. Also, I feel self reliant and happy with myself now.”


These days you will find our client Mams training his clients in the gym or managing the sports unit at the Ladies Recreational Club (LRC). However in 2014 it was a different story when Mams first arrived, fleeing from Gambia to find refuge in Hong Kong. Four years later Mams was awarded official refugee status and wanted to follow his passion for personal health, good nutrition and exercise, and started working at Pure Fitness. Mams was the first Hong Kong student to join the NASM Certified Personal Training course, which he passed with flying colours, of course, and subsequently went on to manage the Sports Unit and Recreational Sports at LRC.


“I wanted to pursue law because as a refugee, lawyers were usually the ones who answered my questions about my status and rights in Hong Kong. I wished to also be the person who can provide answers and clarity to other refugees/asylum seekers who were in my family’s situation. I don’t know where this career will take me, I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Law part-time, but I can’t wait to find out!”


Nadia was 12 years old when she arrived to Hong Kong in 2012. A bright, enthusiastic and curious student, Nadia was awarded scholarships to study at Renaissance College and then Li Po Chun United World College where she completed her IB Diploma. Due to her experience as a refugee in Hong Kong, Nadia was keen to pursue a career in law, and has been employed as a paralegal at Clifford Chance since 2020. Nadia is an integral part of the refugee community in Hong Kong and regularly speaks on panels and at events, to raise awareness and promote the culture, issues, and challenges faced by herself and her community.

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