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Cultural Experiences


Our Cultural Experience packages have been designed to educate, inspire and empower.


Sharing the rich and vibrant cultures and experiences of our refugee communities is fundamental to educating around the struggle of refugees globally and seeking acceptance for people who have had to flee their homes and start a new life.


Pick from our unique packages, or let us create a special mix, just for you!


Five Senses Tour @ Chungking Mansions

CKM Tour small.png

A chance to experience the sight, sound, taste, feel and aroma of the renowned Chungking Mansions, followed by an interactive workshop on refugee issues in Hong Kong at Centre for Refugees.  Available in English/Cantonese.

Duration: 90 minutes

Max group: 20 people

Price: $4000

Add on: $500 per refugee ambassador speaker, $90 for lunch per person

Refugee Walk

Mosque visit.jpeg

The Refugee Walk is the perfect way to walk in the shoes of refugees in Hong Kong.  Tour includes visit to several refugee service centres, religious buildings, Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and a chance to visit client’s subdivided flat. Available in English/Cantonese.

Duration: 2 hours

Max group: 25 people

Price: $5000

Add on: Refugee home visit (price on application)

Kitchen Away from Home Cooking Class

Cookery class.jpeg

Make and learn about our Centre’s signature dishes and chat to our LEAD cooking ladies, talking about their experiences as refugees in Hong Kong.  Eat food at the centre, or pack for distribution to other refugee clients.  Available in English.

Duration: 3 hours 

Min/max group: 10/15 people

Price: $500 per person

Human Library

Human library.jpg

The goal is to empower the vulnerable and to raise awareness. Individual refugees (Human books) tell their stories in small groups, and will answer your questions about their lives in a judgement-free space. Guests get to experience a minimum of three unique and diverse stories. Available in English.

Duration: 45-90 mins 

Max group: 20 people (at our Centre)

Price: $4500 (includes 3 storytellers)

Add on: $1000 per additional storyteller, $2000 at another venue

Cultural Diversity & Awareness Talks 

Cultural Awareness.jpg

Delivered by a refugee speaker and a registered social worker.  Provides first-hand understanding of who refugees are, why they must flee their homes and what struggles they face in Hong Kong and globally. Tailored for different age groups and settings.  Available in English/Cantonese.

Duration: 60-90 mins 

Price: $4000 

Henna Tattoos 


Beautify your hands and arms for special occasions and celebrations. Delivered by our artistically-talented ladies, this is an opportunity to chat with our refugee ladies, learn more about their stories, and enjoy some memorable moments together.

Duration:  2 hours 

Max group:  20 people at the Centre (unlimited at other venue)

Price:  $3000 (2 henna artists)

Add on: $1000 at another venue


We empower our talented refugee clients to showcase their cultures through creative performances and techniques. 


Watch or join in!  Options:

1)  African Cultural Dance

2) African Djembe Drumming

3) Tinikling Filipino Bamboo Dance.


Never disappoints in livening a crowd and uniting everyone!

African dance.png

Choose from

African Dance (3 dancers),

African Djembe Drumming (3 drummers),

Tinikling Filipino Bamboo Dance

(4 dancers)


Duration: Up to 30 mins, incl introduction

Price: $3000

Cultural Performance

Performance Workshop



Learn a new skill!  Choose from

African Dance,

African Djembe Drumming,

Tinikling Filipino Bamboo Dance


Duration: 1 hour

Max group: 10 people (at our centre)

Price:  $3000 (includes 2 teachers)


Our Ladies Empowerment Arts Development programme prepares our refugee women for an economically sustainable future through skill-building.  Enjoy an interactive workshop where our ladies share these skills, and stories, and teach you how to make some of our beautiful products, including jewellery (ear-rings, necklaces etc) or leather purses.

African dance.png

Jewellery Workshop


Duration: 90 mins 

Min/max group: 10/20 people (at the Centre)

Price: $300 per person (includes materials and final product)

Add on: $1000 at another venue


Leather Workshop

leather purses 2.jpg

Duration: 90 mins 

Min/max group: 10/20 people (at the Centre)

Price: $400 per person (includes materials and final product)

Add on: $1000 at another venue

For schools, or large groups, price on application.

We welcome the opportunity to tailor any of these experiences to suit your needs, or pick ‘n’ mix and we can put together a special package, just for you. 


Book NOW, or let’s discuss your requirements.  Please contact …



Due to the sensitive nature of our clients’ situations, we will ask that no images or filming is taken during any of our cultural experiences, without prior permission. 


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