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Empowering Young Minds

By Krishori, Centre Ambassador and Event Planner extraordinaire!

Unlocking Dreams, Fostering Belonging: Empowering Refugee Children through Summer Camp Adventures

From the vibrant memories of my own childhood participation in the Christian Action Centre for Refugee Summer activities to my current role as a Peer Leader, I have personally experienced the profound impact of empowering refugee children through our Summer Camp adventures. As a fellow refugee, I intimately understand the unique challenges these children face, and our Summer Camp programs aim to provide them with an educational and enjoyable experience while fostering a sense of belonging.

Our Summer Camp programs at the Centre for Refugees offer a rich variety of activities, including baking classes, football classes, science workshops, and art sessions. We are also blessed by additional activities provided by some of our corporate supporters, including a tour of Cathay City, thanks to Swire TrustTomorrow, the highlight of which was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to go in a flight simulator, a tour and talk with SCMP, learning about the fast-paced media world, and developing basketball skills with Inspiring HK. Beyond the educational aspect, these camps play a crucial role in normalizing the lives of refugee children, ensuring that they feel valued and accepted in a nurturing environment.

Among the array of activities, the overnight camp experience holds a special place in the hearts of both the children and the Peer Leaders. This transformative adventure allows the children to step outside their comfort zones, fostering a sense of independence while forging deep connections with their peers and mentors. It is during these immersive overnight camps that lifelong friendships are formed and cherished memories are created. For the children, it becomes a vacation away from home, filled with laughter, joy, and a renewed belief in their dreams.

Reflecting on the impact of our Summer Camp adventures, a poignant quote from one of our participants resonates deeply: "The SCMP trip was very meaningful and impactful. We got to share our dreams and listen to people's stories about their own journey towards their dreams. One of them talked about how he thought he would have been a plumber if he didn't take the jump to leave his town and aim for his dreams! I found it very touching that the team were willing to listen to us, but also felt I could step into their shoes, and it gave me hope for the future that I can also achieve my dreams."

In conclusion, our Summer Camp adventures for refugee children go beyond mere activities. They unlock dreams and foster a sense of belonging in the hearts of these young minds. As a peer leader, I have witnessed first-hand the profound effect these programs have on the lives of these children. Through the overnight camps and a supportive community, we empower these young souls to believe in their own dreams, embrace their potential, and strive for a brighter future.

Together, let us continue to empower and uplift these young minds, unlocking a world of possibilities and reminding them that their dreams are within reach.

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